Qualified Clients for southern Portugal


LUSOLAND has hold of a brilliant network of national and international contacts, which allows us to attract potential buyers from the first moment they decide to invest in southern Portugal.

Via a personalised support process in our clients’ mother tongue, we advise and guide our buyers throughout the entire acquisition procedure.

The trust bestowed upon us by our buyers stands on the thorough selection of properties both from our portfolio and partner agencies.

Simultaneously, we’re also quite selective with our buyers. We aim to connect our owner clients only to those buyers with have the right profile for the property at stake.

A rigorous selection of buyers and properties saves time and money for all parties involved.


A significant majority of our buyers are European, often from German-speaking countries.

The typical client from central and northern Europe is quite demanding, and pays attention to detail, but they also communicate in a clear and honest manner, making it possible to work efficiently and towards specific goals.

With regard to the type of property in demand, there is a clear preference for the residential sector. Whether they’re looking for a main or vacation home, a villa in a residential area or a rural property in Alentejo, or maybe an apartment in Algarve, one of our buyers’ criteria is to be able to take advantage of Portugal’s mild climate.

We work with the same dedication and enthusiasm with small-budgeted buyers as we do for financially-strong clients. For each client there is an ideal property: our job is to find it.


Transparent, trustful partnerships


The success of a real estate agency is also measured by the established relationships with owners and sellers.

Our daily philosophy working with buyers and sellers remains the same: transparent and professional communication throughout the entire process of selling a property.

If you own a property in Algarve or Alentejo, we would be happy to discuss how we could cooperate. We are mainly looking for owners of houses, apartments, farms, and estates, as well as rural land or tourist developments.

Regardless of your property’s traits, there will always be a buyer for it.

For more information on the process of marketing your property, see our Information section or contact us directly.


Regardless of location, we’ll be more than happy to discuss how to present your property to our buyers.